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About Paddle & Portage

"Combining the efficiency and speed of a touring kayak with an impressive balance of stability and comfort features such as a roomy cockpit and Phase 3 AirPro outfitting, the Pungo was made to get you there."

Paddle & Portage operates in the beautiful Creston Valley of British Columbia on the Kootenay River which flows downstream (northward) from the U.S. into Kootenay Lake. This river valley is where you will see birds, mammals, fish, reptiles, amphibians, thousands of invertebrate and plant species and is also home to the Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area.

Our kayak fleet is made up of Wilderness Systems Pungos - single, sit-inside, recreational kayaks that are made for easy access, stability and roominess. They have lots of room to store your extra gear like camera, binoculars, clothing, water, and lunch.

Mark and Sandee, owner/operators of Paddle & Portage, have kayaked in fresh water lakes in British Columbia and Ontario, rivers in the East and Central Kootenays, the west coast of Vancouver Island, and in the Sea of Cortez in Mexico.

"It's a great way to explore the valley and spend a special time with friends and family."

You can email us if you have any questions or concerns about the kayak trips we offer, our gear, or our terms and conditions. Reservations for group kayak trips are made by calling 250-402-3293.

The Creston Valley has so many things to offer you and your visitors. Planning a trip on the Kootenay River with Paddle & Portage is a great way to get closer - in a kayak.

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