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Paddle & Portage Terms

Paddle & Portage kayak trips are for adult-sized paddlers (<300 lbs). Paddlers 15-18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or guardian. Our kayak trips are only launched from Paddle & Portage designated sites. All Paddle & Portage paddlers must carry a working cellular phone and sign our Participant Waiver. Please read this waiver carefully. You will be asked to agree with and fully understand the nature and the risks of the activity you are about to participate in.

What Paddle & Portage Offers:

aMon & Wed evening paddles

aGroup paddles

aKayaking programs through the Creston & District Community Complex

Once assigned to a paddler, Paddle & Portage kayaks and gear should not be left unattended - you are responsible for the return of this equipment. The repair or replacement of damaged or missing kayaks or gear will be charged to the credit card used for making the reservation.

Reservations and Refunds

  • Reservations are made by calling 250-402-3293.

  • A deposit is charged to your credit card to reserve a Paddle & Portage group kayak trip. No deposit required for Monday and Wednesday evening paddles.

  • The deposit will be refunded only if a reservation is cancelled with 48 hours or more prior notice.

  • Paddle & Portage retains the right to cancel any reservation for any reason and will refund the entire amount charged to the credit card that was used to make the reservation.

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